23 April 2009

Epic First Post!

Hello all. Or maybe just hello me at this point. In any event, I have started this blogarooni.

Basically I hope this site will fill a need I see out there. I'm vegan, and a scientist, and I don't want to leave my ethics behind when I'm in the lab. I always loved animals and most living things, and that's why I went into biology. I never really understood the "I like animals, let's kill one and study it." mindset that some biologists have. But I guess to draw parallels to eating, I'm sure people just don't think about it too much. Which is odd for a scientist, I suppose: To not be thinking.

But beyond the visceral avoidance of vivisection, as a vegan I am always looking at ingredient labels and trying to figure out what is what and where it comes from. I do it at the market and I reflexively do it the the chemical supply cabinet. But unlike food, for which there are endless guides and resources out there, there isn't much information on what lab chemicals are made from. I'm hoping to start remedying that.

So I hope to gather information on animal use and animal products, and share what I find out with the interwebs. I also hope to have some discussions about various questions that arise. I know when people think about vegan issues and discussion they think trollbait, but I am going to try real hard to keep things civil here. I don't want any fights people, so be nice!

So there you go. Not too much ramble was it? Let me know what you think. And feel free to drop a line with topic ideas or suggestions. This won't just be about Biology, but that's what I know best, but if you know that theres some animal issue with particle physics or something, let's hear it!

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