26 April 2009

You're not alone, or alternately titled, There are More of us Than You Think

So I thought I'd start out with a show of solidarity. I often feel like I'm the only one making lunches complicated at work, but I prefer to think that we're just evenly distributed across the workforce.

According to a handy list on The Wikipedia, there are atleast two notable vegan scientists: String theorist Brian Greene, and molecular geneticist George Church. Clearly a list that needs some additions.

And while a slight tangent, there are a number of vegan M.D.s. To name a few there's Dr. Michael Greger (A former classmate of mine, actually, not to name drop), Dr. Neal D. Barnard, and T. Colin Campbell (of the China Study). There's even a whole organization for vegan physicians. Maybe soon there will be one for us too. Baby steps.

Like I said, needs some fleshing out (pun not intended). Anyone have additions? Signal-to-noise ration on my web searches is kind of low.


  1. Nice blog! The world needs more vegan scientists.
    As for M.D.s, off the top of my head there's also Dr.McDougall of the McDougall Diet.

  2. Thanks Yeliz! Welcome to the site.

    I Had to look up Dr. McDougall. I think I've seen his cup soups at the store.

  3. I'm currently applying to several MD/PhD programs this summer, so hopefully I will be up on your list some day! It's awesome to see I'm not the only vegan with a scientific side in the world.


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